Our Live LAGOM resolution


I have already spoken at length about this project. Actually, I am currently a kind of obsessed with it, as so many things are going on… We had an induction training, had our home visit, personal shopping, came back home with a car full of stuff just yesterday… and why is that? It’s all to change our story a bit. What story?

(1) We’ve been living a kind of sustainable life, using LED bulbs in the entire home for a long while now, sorting out waste since I remember, following the “reduce, reuse, recycle” principle in both the family and professional life.

(2) However, there are 4 of us (2 adults + 2 children, one of them disabled, which significantly limits the amount of time we have to make our house look like a museum, so it never looked like one and I don’t think it ever will…), plus 2 dogs, plus 2 cats, plus 1 snake… all princes and princesses and no volunteer to be a maid or a servant. As a result, our home became a perfectly disorganised clutter centre 😀

(3) The need to declutter is rather obvious, and that’s what we’re trying to do every now and then, getting rid of things: posting them on freecycle, gumtree freebies, freegle, streetlife etc., taking them to charity shops etc. Yet, there’s an issue of being crafty – if you throw everything away, there’s no chance you’re going to have the resources you need in case of another inspiration surge 😀 so… all those coffee tins, cardboard boxes, pipe cleaners, duct tapes, pieces of fabric, some old clothes yet to become doll clothes/ intended for other reuse and/or recycling… we just have NO space to keep them in!

(4) Therefore, more storage space is needed, that’s another obvious conclusion. On the top of that

(5) probably the only thing precluding our going 100% green is the fact that we use a compact electric cooker-oven max_3-1ajpg_57cd4f54637cb


It is commonly known that electric hobs are energy-consuming, so we wanted to reduce it a bit by opting for the induction hob. Again, Ikea comes to the rescue, addressing our combined space & energy use reduction issues, as it has a tiny, compact, induction hob in stock


It means we can save a lot of space, still have another one stored elsewhere, in case we need to cook 2 pots at the same time and use less energy. I really liked this idea.

So, now you know why our Live LAGOM resolution was:


Just to start with, here’s an overview of what it will involve (or has already involved)


So, it looks like the forthcoming posts should be the series of “before-after makeover” reports.


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