My LAGOM shopping list

As I told you yesterday, I had been looking forward to my LAGOM personal shopping event. And yes, we got there against all odds (last week was horrible in terms of sad, unexpected events for the entire family, so I a kind of feared that something might come up again…) and spent over an hour shopping with the Perfectly Organised Richard 🙂


This is the Perfectly Organised Richard, who leads the LAGOM project at Ikea Gateshead, a great guy!!!! He impressed us with knowing all stock items inside out 🙂

Having left Tatiana (aged 10) in Smaland creche (she was happy to be there, since it was probably one of her last visits there, as she will be 11 soon…), the remaining three of us (myself, Agi – my husband, and a 14-year-old Natalia, whose working name for the day was “oh, just take it and let’s go and grab some food” 😀 ) met Richard at the entrance and started shopping.

Here, I must admit that the project has already affected me. Honestly, I have NEVER shopped with a list. (Sub)consciously or not, I tend to avoid making lists (or if I happen to have one, it gets lost before I reach the shops…), schedules, timetables etc. It just doesn’t work for me, for us. I think that irregularity in habits is the only regular habit that we have as a family 🙂 which also adds some rationale to our LAGOM resolution. Do you remember what it was? OK, let me remind you (and myself, btw):


Below, I included my final (!) shopping list. The list was created a day before we shopped and it proved to be a real lifesaver! I don’t know how much time it would take to accomplish it all without it. I opted for an e-list, which is available after you log in to the Ikea website using your Ikea Family ID and password and that was a very good choice, as I was able to see, whether the item was available in Gateshead store at all and where it was located, which significantly shortened the time we spent finding things and reduced frustration, especially in those of us, who kept saying “oh, come on, just take it and let’s go and grab some FOOD” (see above!).


So, having like 450 pound-worth goods in our trolleys, we got a 300 pound gift card from Ikea UK as a part of Live LAGOM project (thank you, guys! that’s really life-changing!), plus 5 pound voucher printed out at the Ikea Family station (my husband’s birthday gift it seems… yes, he’s 39!), plus 1.50 pound price reduction on an item included in the Ikea Family offer in this particular shop. Cool, isn’t it? A great value for money!

Now, there were obvious shortages of this plan:

  1. I wanted 8 more purple DRONA boxes. My husband was supposed to retrieve them, but – oh, well – being focused on getting 6 pink and 3 green ones, he forgot the 8 purple ones, so we’re still in the low as regards the boxes (another trip coming soon, it seems… which is cool, as the kids really want to pop in to the Build the Bear at the nearby Intu Metrocentre).
  2. I hoped to get some stickers/ labels to use them on spice jars etc. (seen pretty winter ones on a website, e.g. 5886c789df0e96078d8a88f6a9435c76Unfortunately, these have already run out… so we had to come back empty-handed.
  3. The VESKEN shelf unit was the Great Absent One 🙂 I mean this item:


We wanted it, because it is: (i) narrow enough to fit in our current mini-bathroom, (ii) versatile enough to be placed anywhere in case we move house any time in the future (oh, well, that’s the hidden beauty of renting…) and (iii) cheap enough not to cry if the (ii) happens and the unit is no longer on display 😀 Btw, it’s quite tricky to think ‘home improvement’, when you rent and have no option to drill holes (all wall-mounted items are excluded), never really know how long you’re going to stay there (change of landlord’s family situation etc.), but we’re doing our best.

This is what we and our shopping looked like at the end of the trip 🙂


1hr 20 mins after we came: 2 trolleys full of stuff, , 137 pounds less on my account, 4 happy human beings (2 of them hungry, including one VERY hungry 😀 ) 


All credit for fitting it all inside our Multipla Fiat goes to my husband, who definitely deserves a PhD in Packing Skills 😀 

While I hope, that we’ll be able to make it up for the missing items during another shopping trip, in the next post, I’ll tell you more about the resolution and initial phase of its implementation 🙂


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