I’ve always liked Ikea, which could have been seen even in this blog 🙂 Now, I like them even more. Why?

Well, I have been invited to participate in Live LAGOM project some time ago. Busy as this season may have been for me, I found some time to get involved… actually, I think that LAGOM philosophy is very much the way we live, Swedish although very Polish in principle.


For Ikea, this project was all about sustainability and this is actually where I found that we had a lot in common – we’ve been using LED bulbs in the entire home for a while, have been sorting out waste since I remember, had “reduce, reuse, recycle” as our motto in family life and professional life (e.g. when I was in charge of community projects at one of the language schools in Poland), so that was a perfect match.

I participated in an induction training as a part of the project in Gateshead store, feeling truly impressed with how Ikea embraced the LAGOM philosophy in their usual operations (having their own recycling plant, where they sort and recycle all possible sort of waste, for instance). It took me a while, though, to conceive what our LAGOM resolution for 2017 might be. Nevertheless, soon it became clear: there are 4 of us (2 adults + 2 children, one of them disabled, which significantly limits the amount of time we have to make our house look like a museum, so it never looked like one and I don’t think it ever will…), plus 2 dogs, plus 2 cats, plus 1 snake… all princes and princesses and no volunteer to be a maid or a servant, you know what I mean? The thing is, therefore,  cropped-controlled-mess

That’s what we’re hoping to become a reality within the next months.

Soon I’m going to share with you what we chose to help us control it (yes! Ikea gave us a generous gift of £300 worth goods to make our life more LAGOM). I’m intending to update you on how we proceed with the change, as well.


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