The Tale of the Beef :)

Culinary theme today, folks.

So I’ve had a slow cooker for a while but never dared to use it. Why? It’s a bit complicated to be honest. I’m a kind of afraid of testing out new things, new recipes, new foods etc. But the Big Day has come and I bought a good chunk of beef, as they had beef topside joint on offer at Morrison’s at £ 6.66. Mine was quite large – 1.89 kg. Again, I kept it in the fridge for 2 days thinking what to do with it and the slow cooker appeared to be the easiest option. Hence, I put the meat in a slow cooker, added some granulated garlic, salt, pepper, curry and basil, and waited for the results for about 8 hours. No water, beware! The meat was nice – not tough and not too soft (definitely did not comply with the definition of “pulled beef”), you could slice it easily. Here’s what I did with it:

Day 1 Beef-based topping on jacket potatoes

Beef – diced or shredded, chives, BBQ sauce – mix together.

Jacket potatoes from microwave are ready in 7 minutes (washed, “stabbed” a few times, turned a few times during cooking), when ready halve them, press a bit inside, add butter and the beef topping. Sprinkle grated mozzarella on the top, you can actually put it once more to the microwave (for approx. 30 seconds) just to melt mozzarella.

Day 2 Beef wraps

The leftover of my toppings was mixed with veggies (peppers, raddish, tomato and salad mix) and a bit of mayonnaise. I wrapped it in tortillas and we took it as our lunch for the Regional Convention. Surprisingly tasty and filling!

Day 3 Beef spread

The rest of the beef got to the food processor and I used this recipe. Mixed it with chives (instead of onion powder or sth), granulated garlic, horseraddish, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Absolutely amazing – especially on toasted cheddar muffins!


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