Back to school shopping with Ikea – my TOP 5, vol. 2

Here comes a brand new batch of ideas on practical and penny-saving shopping at Ikea for teachers and homeschoolers.

6. FLYT magazine files

Potential uses:

– organizing children’s books by groups (reading, numeracy, topic, literacy etc. – whatever else you may find useful)

– resource master copy storage (again – well organized)

– back-to-school craft for your class – have a group decorate their own file (these are white, they can be painted, kids can put stickers on them, cover them with wallpaper – like here).

– organizing resources for the supply teacher to visit your class on a given day – let them have everything in one place, it really impresses people…

7. TITTA DJUR and JÄTTELITEN finger puppets


I included them as one, as they don’t differ significantly and basically fit for the same purpose, that is, role – playing.

When can they come in handy? Well, not only when you expect them to – obviously children do some role playing activities in lower year groups as a part of reading / listening comprehension. Additionally, role playing may be a good solution when learning writing dialogues and stories (it’s easier to imagine something when the real-life objects are at hand), when dealing with challenging behaviours (they may try out different solutions to a problem on the puppets rather than peers – it’s actually a bit like therapeutic storywriting/ storytelling and theraplay, but works well not only with SEN children). I used puppets with Year 6 children during a lesson on responsible pet care (“A dog is not a toy”). As a follow-up activity, they were requested to prepare a short drama for younger children to encourage them to be responsible pet owners – it was fun and VERY educational at the same time, and we all enjoyed it!


There’s no better symbol of a teacher and teaching than an owl! Let’s use it, then!

I find this puppet useful to indicate the “attentive listening” time. When it’s on my hand, the kids know that whatever I say is of particular importance and they have to memorize it. It just adds a bit of excitement to all that learning 🙂 Obviously, you’re more than welcome to give your owl some other jobs, too. Perhaps a theatre play or sth?

9. BYGEL series

Especially the following items:

the rail

wire basket

the containers

the hooks

can add plenty of storage space and organization into the smallest classroom. Isn’t it tempting to have all arts supplies at arm’s reach but pretty organized and looking really good? Besides, kids LOVE colours and BYGEL series seems to appeal to them with colours. Another use I find for the series is to combine the rail with item # 10 from my TOP list and create an exceptional art display 🙂 Let’s see it below:

10. ENUDDEN hanger with clip

… so, if you attach your BYGEL rail at the appropriate height (definitely OVER your pupils’ heads! be safe!), you can exchange your art display items easily with these hangers-with-clips 🙂 It takes one (ok, maximum 2) hangers to hold a picture/ poster and you can keep them on the wall as long as you need/ want. The solution seems to work fine with handouts as well (put your maths posters on the display and replace them with literacy ones in 30 seconds! – doesn’t it sound great?)

That’s the end of my Ikea shopping suggestions for teachers (edition 2014). However, stay tuned – you never know what a freak’s mind can be up to 🙂


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