Back to school shopping with Ikea – my TOP 5

Inspired by this post, I decided to create my own list of favourite Ikea school helpers for teachers.

1. GLES box.

Potential uses:

– book storage

– toy storage

– PE stuff storage

– virtually ANY storage 🙂


2. FNISS basket


Potential uses:

– wastpaper disposal

– storage, storage, storage of EVERYTHING!

– outdoor/indoor play (try to throw the big soft ball into the black or white bin)…


3. SPARKA soft ball

Potential uses:

– indoor/ outdoor activities (quite obvious, isn’t it?)

– attracting children’s attention

– all maths/ literacy/ science question-based games


4. GLIS box set

3 boxes with lids, that will contain anything you can imagine – pencil sharpeners, rubbers, pins, paper clips, colour pencils, pencils and other stationery items. Also good for storing wooden ice cream sticks with sth on them or slips of paper with tasks and challenges for fast finishers… again, the use is limited only by the teacher’s imagination 🙂


5. PRUTA container set

Potential uses:

– all-sort storage

– in-class planting (one can easily see everything through the transparent walls)

– in-class experiments


As the Sep. 1st draws near, I’ll probably post the second TOP 5 soon.



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