Little Mexico in London – tortillas


Plain tortillas

You need:

0.5 kg of flour

0.2 L of warm water

4 table spoons of vegetable oil

0.5 teaspoon of salt

Sieve the flour into the bowl, mix with salt. Add oil, mix with the salted flour. Slowly, in a step-wise manner, pour the water while kneading the dough. Beware so as not to add too much water – the dough should remain solid and easy to roll.  Leave it to rest for 5 minutes, covering the surface of the dough ball with a thin layer of oil. After 5 minutes divide the big ball into smaller ones. Roll each ball into a thin tortilla and put them onto the dry pre-heated frying pan. Let them sit for 40-60 seconds, They should make bubbles, when these grow a bit big, it’s time to turn the tortilla over.

So, that’s the basis for the home-made Mexican meal and more is yet to come….


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