An Ideal Woman in an Ideal World but It’s Not Me!

As September is drawing near, I’m getting more and more busy thinking of the schoolyear to come. Obviously, what keeps me occupied is a bit of planning, creating & organizing resources and this sort of boring teacher stuff. Yes, I said b-o-r-i-n-g. And here comes what amazes me: planning & organization-obsessed people.

Someone posted a link to this blog on Facebook. Well, lovely – that’s true. So colourful, all details included, you can find there creative ideas for almost any house area, in any family context. I like browsing websites like this, but this love and admiration end at the stage of browsing. Fortunately or unfortunately?

It seems to me that these blogs and their ideas are for those who really don’t know better activities to fill their diaries with and simply need some effective time killers, so they turn their homes into a weird combination of a museum and a factory all-in-one. Perhaps following sophisticated plans, budgets and checklists works fine for some, I still see it as depriving me & my family of the most important feature of our home – that is freedom. Being free means that I can have anything I fancy for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner and change my mind at the very last moment if I feel like that. It also implies the possibility to lie down on a sofa with a good book in my hand, without the compulsion of doing all chores every day or folding my daughters’ T-shirts using the special ruler πŸ™‚ And above all, when making these daily choices I need to feel I’ve got a clear conscience whatever I choose whereas checklists (and the un-ticked items, more specifically) can be the powerful source for the sense of guilt, which I don’t like inviting to visit me just for a while or – even more – to stay with me for good. Mere clinical depression is pretty enough for me to struggle with.

One can say: she’s jealous! Am I? Perhaps there’s a bit of jealousy and envy in it. Well, those VWOWs (Very Well Organized Women) seem to have far more energy than I do, so obviously I wish I had that much πŸ™‚ On the other hand – I’m lucky to have my job(s), whereas the world of most VWOWs is limited to housework and childcare – therefore seeking ways to go beyond these limits is understandable and advisable, just for their mental health. Based on that, while still using some of VWOWs’s ideas for arts & crafts (magazine holders or pencil holders), I celebrate my not being ideal and very well organized πŸ™‚ Life’s too precious to keep it too organized, so have fun!


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