An ideal packed lunch

After 10 years of working from home as a freelance medical translator and interpreter, I started a full time job at a local primary school. Therefore, after years of “I can have anything for lunch” the problem of a packed lunch has become my problem as well.

One idea to avoid it is to buy lunches from the school canteen. I do it occasionally, but these meals are not very impressive, I must say, so I’ve initiated a search for an ideal packed lunch. It is a main motiff in many blog entries and websites, e.g.

30 packed lunch ideas

Lunch box ideas

BBC’s tips and tricks

Healthy lunch with NHS

I used these and others as my inspiration and came up with several recipes which I find exceptionally tasty, easy to make and useful.

1. Airport sandwich (I ate such sandwich at the airport, hence the name)

two slices of bread

one slice of cheese (I prefer gouda)

wild rocket leaves



Spread butter on one slice of bread and mustard on the other. Put cheese on the slice covered with mustard, add wild rocket leaves on the cheese and close the sandwich with the slice of bread covered with butter.

2. Tuna mayo sandwich

2 slices of bread

tuna in brine

canned sweet corn


wild rocket leaves




Mix tuna, sweet corn and chopped onion with a spoon of mayonnaise. Spread butter on two slices of bread, put tuna salad on one slice. Add few slices of cucumber and some wild rocket leaves. Cover with the second slice of bread.

3. Chicken deli sandwich

2 slices of bread (no – prepare more, this sandwich is actually addictive)

cooked chicken breasts/ thighs

wild rocket leaves (yes, my favourite 😀 )

mango chutney


powder garlic

basil/ other Italian herb mix

green pepper


creamy cheese


Spread one slice of bread with butter, and the other with creamy cheese. Prepare dressing: mix mango chutney and some mayonnaise 1:1 in a bowl, add powder garlic and herbs. Chop/ dice meat, chop the onion, pepper and wild rocket leaves. Mix all with the dressing. Put the filler on the slice of bread, cover with the other one.

4. Chicken nugget sandwich

2 slices of bread

chicken nuggets

one slice of cheese


creamy cheese

Fry chicken nuggets in the fryer. In the meantime spread creamy cheese on two slices of bread. Put hot nuggets on one slice, cover with a slice of cheese, put a slice or two of tomato on the top and cover with the second slice of bread. The cheese should melt 🙂

And one more thing: I’ve recently tried freezing sandwiches – it really works! I did it with my chicken deli ones and can assure you they tasted exceptionally well and fresh the next day.


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