The Very Hungry Caterpillar Outfit in photos


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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Outfit in photos

In order to make a very simple Very Hungry Caterpillar funny dress you will need:

– a red hat,

– Lidl plastic bag,

– green craft foam,

– colourful pipe cleaners,

First you need to cut large yellow circles out of the Lidl bag (one bag is enough or even too much for one caterpillar hat). Then cut smaller green foam circles (I cut semi-circles, as I had foam leftovers only). The third step is to sew the yellow circles onto the hat (in more-or-less the expected eye location), and afterwards you’ll need to sew the foam circles onto the yellow circles (please ensure they’re exactly in the centre of the big yellow ones!).

Finally, you take three pipe cleaners (the same or different colours, according to your preference) and make a plait out of them. Then do the same to another pipe cleaner triplet. Each plait should be bent in half and twisted to give it a spiral look. Eventually, the ends of each plait (i.e. 6 pipe cleaner tips for each) should be attached firmly to the hat (if the hat is woven it should be easy). Make sure they won’t scratch the head of your little one and make the necessary adjustments in order to avoid that.

Now, the hat should look like a real caterpillar’s head!

You can complete the outfit by clothing your child in green, striped or similar clothes (try to keep them green/ red, just to stick to the colours originally used by Eric Carle). Tanya wore a striped red and green long sleeved t-shirt, a green cardigan, a green patterned skirt and red tights for this occasion. She wanted to have a significant number of legs, so we used knee-length striped funny socks, stuffed them with toy stuffing and attached them to trouser suspenders using hair bands.


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