Few pieces of poetry (philosophical or even bitter)


i’ve just come here

only for a moment

i’ll sit down

for a couple of minutes

not for too long

since i don’t have time

the river flows

and so does my life

and i’m not sure

if i ever find enough time

just to be myself


there’s a monster in your head

you think you know it well

but it soon turns out you don’t know anything about it

it has many faces

more than you can even imagine

and a lot of sharp teeth

to bite you and to give you pain

the other face always smiles at you

another one looks up to you

as if you were a god

the monster is so strange…

and its name is Love.


I don’t wanna copy someone else

So much has been said about it

I just need to say there’s something

inside you, which tells you how to live and what to do

that’s the voice of your heart

it may call for you at any time in your life

may lead you to the victory or mislead you as well

may make you harm someone or help them

carefulness – that’s the key

use it and you’ll soon make friends with your heart

it will guide you but you’ll know when it’s wrong

and when you should correct your inner voice

the voice of your heart


Possibly I’ll live my life till its natural end

Possibly someone will give me a helping hand

Possibly they all really love me and don’t just pretend

Possibly I should ask more rather than demand

Possibly it’s me who’s always to blame

Possibly my love doesn’t burn with a great enough flame

Possibly the world isn’t only black and red

Possibly it’s all a joke in my head


To fall asleep…

Shall i ever wake up

Shall i ever see them again

It’s so frightening

Just to fall asleep

Anything may happen

You’re so vulnerable

No idea what’s going on

They may do whatever they want to do with you


Is what you need

To be able to fall asleep

Do you think you share your bed with a trustworthy person?


So high – above the sky

Over the rainbow

There is a shadow

Of my constant presence

I am everywhere

I am everyone

And everything’s unusual

Unique and mystique

Sometimes… that’s when I’m manic


It’s impossible to guess

Who you’re gonna be tonight

Tomorrow or the other day…

It’s impossible to predict

What’s gonna happen to you

Are you Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

People know it when they see you

You are always someone else

Only hardly the real you

Why don’t you get undressed?

Throw away your dirty fancy dress

Life’s not a masquerade

And not a party either

Life is real and true above all

And you have to be yourself to live it

If you pretend someone else, you don’t exist

Is life worth living if you’re dead before the start?


Sometimes I feel like a porcelain doll

That may easily break into pieces

But everybody thinks it’s my role

To win all the games I play

To survive from all the plagues of the world

To save everyone in need

To be the best, indeed

I’m not made of stone

I’m not as strong as I may seem

Don’t leave me alone

It’s so easy to hurt me

I want to be a real woman

To be protected, cared for and admired

Not for my strength but for inner beauty

But who can find it inside me?

Who will remove this hard cover

And see what’s underneath…

Do you think you can do this???


Lighter than a leaf

Quieter than a thief

So hard to forgive

is the fact that I live


it’s not so easy

just to say goodbye

and die

i would leave so many people behind

will they ever be happy without me

what if they blame me for everything

even after my death

i won’t have a chance to defend myself…

my conscience won’t allow me

just to say goodbye

and die


/written between 2004 and 2009/


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