A shocking surprise

An excerpt from a talk with a daughter of mine (Tanya, aged 4.5)

T: Muuum, what do these pictures mean (showing me a sheet of paper I dropped on the floor as I finished translating it)?

M: And what can you see?

T: I can see the eye…

M: And what’s of it?

T: Is is about the drug to treat RETINA?

M: (a kind of surprised) Yeeeah…

T: Muuum, and what’s the VITREOUS?

M: It’s the structure at the back of the eye to protect the eye from injury as we run or jump (*Hippocrates, please forgive me this oversimplification)

T: OK… and where exactly is it located?

M: (explaining the diagram of the eye)… here we have the retina…

T: Which looks as if someone glued the red paper to the inside surface of an eyeball…

M: (surprised again)… yyeaaah.. and here we have the choroid..

T: which contains blood vessels…

M: Oh my God, child, where did you learn such things?!

T: Partly from “Why why family” and partly because I’ve been thinking a lot of it …


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