About this blog, about me… and everything else you may need to know before you start reading

Dear Reader,

This is the Freak from Freakville speaking. As the nickname implies, my name’s Freak and I live in a little town of Freakville, actually situated in East London, UK (previously 15 km south of Warsaw, Poland). The nickname itself comes from a poem I heard once, many years ago, during the teaching conference on teaching English to children with special educational needs (SEN).

The main purpose of this blog is to collect all tiny and various bits of my life and personality together in order to make a pretty integrated whole. In the past I used to blog about life, health, children, fashion, ESOL, my job etc. and now I’m just trying to make these bits work together, so a single blog seems to be a good idea, doesn’t it?


Therefore, in the following posts you CAN expect comments and opinions on:

– translation/ interpreting


– education, schooling, homeschooling etc.

– parenthood, bringing up children etc.

– cooking, baking (as I occasionally DO cook and bake)

– politics, immigrants, law

– community issues

– healthcare, medicine, veterinary medicine

– pets, animals, pet rescue

– employment, labour market, job hunting, interviews, recruitment, selection, HR

– DYI, bikes

– karaoke, singing, vocal technique

– books, films, music

– fashion, esp. kids fashion


What you CAN’T expect is:

– a nice and tidy stream of posts on a uniform topic, which complies with my only hobby or my only job. Sorry, not here and not with me, I am far too versatile 🙂

Have a good time here!


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